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Workroom: Budapest 1161 Rákóczi u. 115.


We building a new image for our furnitures

Our company deal with upholstered furnitures and restoration sinces 1992.
Our activity increase with upholstered furnitures manufacturing and galleries furnish.

The goal for our customers is that, we realize together an increase idea with:

  • The newest technology with traditional fancy work
  • Using the best textile materials
  • Comfortable, focusing for the person realize
  • Suit for different living spaces
  • Direct with increase design
upholstered furnitures doing.

It is really important, when we planing your new furniture that, we focusing for the high requirements. Our experts working with decennial experience and exacting. We give a new image for furnitures. Give us vote of confidence
Péter Kalmár private enterpriser

Increase and small-mass-produced upholstered furnitures

We accept any increase upholstered furnitures (couch, bed, mattress ect.) for private persons, hotels, restaurants, markets, commercial establishment, clubs, nursery school.

We are claim to fundamentals in:

  • Flats
  • Restaurants
  • Markets
  • Office
  • Hotels
  • Gallery

And planing the best way, how the person, the place needs it. Make it with high requirements and exacting.


We remode your old, worn furniture with little differences. Like with a new design and modern.

We accept:

  • Antique furniture restoration, renovation ( with carpenter work)
  • Beds, settee, chairs and sofas renovations
  • Internal ship components upholstered change, renovate ,against UV. and salty mist with lasting leatherette

Participation in selection and purchase

We are assume in the environment right textile materials responsibility.

You can choose easier from our catalogue.

With this method - good connections, cooperating partners, commodity and place- we saving time and money.


Every executed, built in on the spot furniture have 2 years fully guarantee.

Brand, reliability, excellent value for money!

Contact us

    E-mail: info@kalmardesign.hu   info@kalmardesign.hu

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